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The Obsession Of Laure filimar


The Obsession Of Laure

Laure's parents were too worried about her sister that they didn't have the chance to love her. Even with her sister's death, her father still rejects her. Despite his loving fathering and his obsession, he wants to continue a relationship with Laure. We can imagine that this is the reason why he feels guilty about Laure’s sister's death. To solve the anger and guilt he feels, he provides a very special treatment for Laure. He asks her to continue a relationship with him and to work to build a relationship with her father. Dr. Clark helps Laure in becoming one with her father and she starts to feel his love and love him. At the end of the video, she realizes that she is responsible for her sister's death and tells her father that she did not want to marry him. She doesn't want to marry the one she loves and not the one that she loves. Laure decides to respect her father and leaves the clinic to find her lover. The video ends with a young blonde lying on the bed, reading. Cast Tina Moustafa - Laure Sainclair Émilie Dequenne - Émilie Wladimir Yordanoff - Maurice Sainclair Fabrice Luchini - Frédéric Vincent Moscato - Christophe Clark Elodie Navarro - Jeanne Isabelle Renauld - Patricia Françoise Arnoul - Mrs. Sainclair Sophie Laby - Agathe Pierre Pilate - (uncredited) Production Direction: Christophe Clark Producer: Christophe Clark Production Manager: Laurence Fauvelle-Legris Editor: Laurence Legris Awards: Éditions Clé, Paris : L'Édition spéciale d'avril 1997 : nomination for the 1998 Lumière Award, Festival de Cannes Expo Universelle : Festival du film pornographique à Budapest : 1er prix du festival international du film pornographique à Budapest César Awards : Louis Lumière Award for the best video : finalist ECP Oscars: Louis Lumière Award for the best video : finalist Vosges Ouest Film Festival: Special prize : Louis Lumière Award References External links Category:1996 films Category:French films

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The Obsession Of Laure filimar

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